Hi There! I'm Hannah.

I love exploring & utilizing many different areas of creativity.  The more I pursue one area of creativity, the more it benefits the others.  I'm a better graphic designer, because I was first a painter. I'm a better photographer, because I've studied design.

Traditional jobs don't usually offer that degree of range.  So, I created my own.

Founded in 2019, Free Range Artist exists as my outlet to explore and develop my creativity, while supporting companies that I believe are creating a better tomorrow.

If you have a project that could use the finesse of an artist, paired with the strategy of an analytical mind, reach out. Let's play!


I've never been a "fit inside the box" kind of human. Naturally, my skillset is the same.

But foundationally, from murals to web design, it all comes back to my fascination with the junction between

strategy & creativity.

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